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Winter Concussion Protocol
Jul 10, 2018, 4:38 pm


Here is the process when someone has a suspected concussion:


1. Athletic trainer will refer to a physician (MD or DO), ideally the athlete will go to the Sports Neurology Clinic where they got their baselines, which is also easier communication for me when it comes to getting their clearance and documentation.

2. Once diagnosed, no physical activity until the patient has no symptoms for one day.

3. When the patient has gone a full day without symptoms, the graduated return to play process can begin. (see attached)  This process takes at least 5 days, because there must be 24 hours in between each stage. Stages cannot be skipped, and one cannot complete two stages in one day.  The athlete should complete each stage under supervision of the athletic trainer, unless otherwise specified, so the student-athlete is expected to check in with me after school each day during their concussion return process.

4.  Once the athlete is ready complete the last stage, the full contact practice, the doctor is contacted (by athletic trainer if they went to the Sports Neurology Clinic) and the MHSAA clearance form will be obtained, signed by DOCTOR, PLAYER, AND PARENT.  (the MHSAA return form is also attached) Athletic trainer then faxes this form to the MHSAA and the athlete is officially cleared to play in games.  This process can be difficult if the athlete goes to a pediatrician or other doctor that does not have a relationship with the athletic trainer, and the doctor may require the patient to be seen in their office again to be cleared, so please keep this in mind. Of course athletes can go to whatever doctor their parents feel comfortable with, they just need to know they may need a second appointment in order to get cleared.  At the Sports Neurology Clinic, all doctors are Neurologists, and I know them all and in most cases getting a clearance form just involves sending a text to them, and they email a signed copy to me, which I will get signed by the athlete ad parent.


Any other questions? If you're able, it might be a good idea to forward this message to parents.

If parents have any questions they can also contact me via my email below.



Paige Mielke, MS, AT, ATC

Athletic Trainer

Novi High School

Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists

Doc's Yoga at HS
May 14, 2018, 5:46 pm

Doc is coming back to Mi for good at the end of June.  The Novi Program will be doing Yoga with Doc at the HS starting after July 4th break.  Dates and Times will be posted on the calendar.  Doc will also be doing Sports Physicals for any players that need them.  Physicals after April 15th, 2018 are good for the whole year.  Doc's charges $10 per and will do the physicals after Yoga or at his home in Farmington Hills.

Contact him at or at 248-770-9088 (C)

Welcom back Doc!!

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